About Method

Implementing Agile has become a big industry, but it doesn't take an immense project to transform your organization

Why Method?

We work with you directly to remove impediments blocking key outcomes. We don’t apply cookie-cutter solutions to your unique situation.

Method is a Generative company that helps your enterprise create amazing customer value, engaging the creativity and knowledge of everyone in your organization.

Our transformation coaches and trainers are Servant Leaders dedicated to your success, helping you make your business more profitable while providing a better work environment. We help our client companies become independent, self-sufficient, learning organizations.

We take a pragmatic approach to Agile and are method agnostic to help you organically implement the most effective framework and tools for your organization.

We are highly experienced, skilled, and effective change agents that can help you find the right path without imposing tone-deaf solutions or dogma. We have robust knowledge and many years of experience, not days of training.

While maintaining respect and professional courtesy, we are prepared to have the difficult conversations that may challenge your assumptions about organizational process and structure. Addressing these issues may help you avoid great cost and risk of an implementation that yields only marginal returns.

Contact us today. Together we can thrive in a world of constant change.