Agile Success

Engage your entire organization.

The Agile Organization

Moving to Agile without effectively transitioning management roles is the top reason for failed or ineffective Agile transformations.

Engaging Agile teams that wow customers requires leaders who can create healthy systems where great teams thrive.

We help managers find a clear path to Agile Leadership.

Outstanding Teams

Robust Agile Teams are the foundation for delivering great customer value.

Creating a healthy, safe, and productive environment allows teams to shine, fueling outstanding performance and innovation.

Let us hlp you move beyond Agile concepts to fully engage and inspire your teams.

Agile Recovery

Many Agile efforts deliver uninspiring results.

Large consulting companies often chose to play it safe and not risk challenging entrenched ideas.

We work with you were you are now, providing the perspective and insight realize your full potential.

Method Offers PMO to Agile Leadership Program

Method offers a 12-week program to transition managers into Agile leaders. The key to Agile transformation success.

Project managers, PMO executives, and managers at all levels face significant challenges in Agile transformations. We work with managers to find a clear path to Agile leadership and Organizational Agility, lowering risk, transition time, and expense.

We use targeted training, individual and team coaching, and real-world practice to build the skills and confidence for lasting change. We work with you as fellow change agents to build your skills while transforming your environment.

For attendees, the expected level of effort after the initial startup is approximately 5 hours per week, with a few optional monthly meetings expected at team request. We more than recover this time and effort by creating a more responsive and effective environment and removing low-value work.

No previous Agile experience or certifications are required. We work with you where you are now.

Agile Teams

The level of performance, quality, and innovation of an engaged Agile team is hard to match.

While most everyone would say they are “doing” Agile, few teams are truly cross-functional, acting with the autonomy, and driven by a clear sense of purpose and accountability.

Learning Agile concepts may be necessary, but to gain significant results, teams need a healthy environment to thrive.

Great teams require psychological safety to take risks, make mistakes, and learn rapidly. They are driven to do reliable, high-quality work. They have the structure and clarity to implement meaningful goals to consistently meet expectations.

You don’t have to be in Development to be on a great Agile team. Agile teams can be found in all levels of an organization. We can help you reach amazing levels of performance, realizing your full potential.

Organizational Agility

New and revitalized companies are gaining rapidly in the market, but not just because they call themselves Agile.

A recent survey found that 75% of those involved in Agile transformations considered the effort to be a surface-level adoption, with little significant improvement in customer value and performance.

Our vision of Agile transformation is much more than just adopting a framework and tools. We leverage the opportunity to create a profound shift in mindset that engages the energy, creativity, and collaboration of everyone in the organization.

Meaningful change begins when we see that we have been trying to use outdated mechanical or scientific methods to enact change in a Complex Adaptive system, one made of people, more of an environment than a machine. Analysis is good for breaking things down into simple parts. Treating people like simple parts is not a recipe for success.

New competitors are constantly entering the market with responsive technology platforms and team structures unburdened by legacy systems and political baggage. Moving to Agile without addressing organizational change is slow and expensive, provides only minimal gain, and delays critical action in a dynamic market.

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